Steven Purves

Personal Portfolio

My Show Reel

My show reel which is made up of educational and personal projects.

Game Unity

This is a game I made as part of a team of students. The game was made in Unity and my role was the programer and animator. This video was taken from a youtuber who reviewed the game.

Oculus Rift Game

I made the project to test simulation sickness in VR. The project was coded in Unity.

Character Animation

This is a character Ive been working on for a up comming game. The video shows the different animations of the character.


A 3D animation made with Maya about a robot escaping deactivation.

Motion Graphics

For this project I had to make a fake intro screen for a movie. I used After Effects and Maya to create the animation.

NHS Healthy Eating Animation

2D animation promoting healthy eating and proper exercise made in After Effects and Premiere Pro.


An Animation combining programing and animation. I used the Unity to create the procedurally generated planet.

Game made in Unreal engine

Footage of a game I made in the Unreal game engine using the blue print system.